Bitcoin Price Prediction: MicroStrategy Loses $53.1 Million In Q1 But Still Buys BTC As Experts Say This Learn-To-Earn Crypto Might 10X (2024)

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The Bitcoin price is up almost 1.5% in the past 24 hours to trade for $63,258 as of 01:54 a.m. EST.

Trading volume surged 38%, perhaps due to spot Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today.

The 3 Hong Kong spot #Bitcoin ETFs are going to start trading in a few hours. They're ready to go on Bloomberg/@TheTerminal

— James Seyffart (@JSeyff) April 29, 2024

In the immediate aftermath of the Hong Kong BTC ETFs going live, the Bitcoin price rose by $600, with reports indicating that it recorded up to $6.3 million in volume.

Hong Kong opens for #Bitcoin ETF business and we are up $600 bucks in a matter of minutes. Lets hope this is a nice harbinger of hardness .

— InvestAnswers (@invest_answers) April 29, 2024

Elsewhere, the largest corporate holder of Bitcoin, MicroStrategy, has reported a net loss of $53.1 million in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024. Despite that, it continues buying BTC.

MicroStrategy Committed To Buying More Bitcoin Despite Q1 Net Loss Hitting $53.1M

The net loss was the result of the company recording a $191.6 million digital asset impairment loss in the first quarter. This was 10X higher than the previous year, with revenues falling 5.5% relative to Q1 of 2023 to hit $115.2 million.

MicroStrategy has not yet adopted the new digital asset fair value accounting standard. If they had, the standard would have accommodated the 65% increase in market value that BTC has recorded in the quarter.

As a result, the firm’s carrying value of BTC was marked at $5.07 billion at $23,680 per Bitcoin. This is based on the traditional accounting model. The fair value approach would have reached as high as $15.2 billion.

Nevertheless, MicroStrategy still bought an additional 122 BTC for $7.8 million in April. This brings MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin bucket to 214,400 Bitcoin, worth $13.5 billion. The average purchase price is $35,180.

In April, @MicroStrategy acquired an additional 122 BTC for $7.8 million and now holds 214,400 BTC. Please join us at 5pm ET as we discuss our Q1 2024 financial results and answer questions about the outlook for #BusinessIntelligence and #Bitcoin. $MSTR

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) April 29, 2024

Bitcoin Price Outlook

The Bitcoin price is range-bound, trading sideways as part of a horizontal chop. The odds favor the downside, considering the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is subdued below the mean level of 50. The same is seen with the Awesome Oscillator (AO), which is stuck in negative territory.

While the bulls struggle to defend the area around $62,000 to $63,000, it is impossible to ignore the fact that there is a lot of bearish pressure waiting to descend on BTC once the price crosses above the $65,600 threshold.

If the bears have their way, the Bitcoin price could drop into the liquidity pool that extends from $60,600 to the March 5 low of $59,005.

In a dire case where the pool of liquidity fails to hold as support, the Bitcoin price could roll over to the $52,000 area where a large herd of BTC bulls is waiting to interact with the Bitcoin price. This would be a possible turnaround point and entry for the late bulls.

TradingView: BTC/USDT 1-day chart

On the flip side, if the bulls have their way, Bitcoin price could push north. To invalidate the bearish thesis, however, the price must ascend past $70,000, to record a candlestick close above $72,000. This is because there is also a large herd of bears around this threshold, as shown by the grey spikes on the volume profile.

On-chain Metrics For Bitcoin Price

Data according to IntoTheBlock shows that Bitcoin price could face significant resistance in the range between $64,175 and $72,500. Within this bracket, 4.32 million addresses hold approximately 2.47 million BTC tokens purchased at an average price of $67,531. Any efforts to push the BTC price high would be countered by this many addresses.


Meanwhile, many investors are considering shifting to 99BTC, a learn-to-earn cryptocurrency that analysts say could 10X at launch. Its presale has already raised almost $1 million.

Promising Alternative To Bitcoin

Even as Hong Kong BTC ETFs go live on the Stock Exchange, and with MicroStrategy committed to growing its BTC portfolio, 99Bitcoins is the latest sensation among Bitcoin-inspired projects.

It is an educational platform committed to monetizing education for end users. To this end, it leverages its pioneering new Learn-to-Earn rewards model, where users enjoy top in-class educational resources.

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— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) April 29, 2024

The project traces back to 2013, four years after Bitcoin’s 2009 launch, and two before Ethereum arrived. Starting out as, it’s now transitioning to Web3 with its $99BTC token.

Exclusive access to advanced modules is available for $99BTC token holders. 🏆

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99Bitcoins incentivizes learning through a unique mix of gamification and a leaderboard reward system. This ensures users feel like their learning is bearing tangible and therefore spendable benefits. Basically, you earn crypto while learning about crypto.

Our #Learn2Earn platform is at the heart of our mission to educate. 🤝

You’ll be able to dive into a wide array of topics, from #Blockchain basics to advanced trading strategies, all while unlocking rewards!

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— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) April 27, 2024

Out of a total of 99 billion 99BTC tokens, 15% have been set aside to be sold over the course of a fourteen-round presale. The objective is to raise the funds required to expedite cutting-edge development around the project’s BRC-20 integration.

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You can also stake your 99BTC holdings for an annual yield of 1,983%. So far, upwards of 549 million 99BTC tokens have been staked.

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99BTC tokens sell for $0.00102, but that price will change soon. So, if you are interested, buy soon.

Visit and buy 99Bitcoins here.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: MicroStrategy Loses $53.1 Million In Q1 But Still Buys BTC As Experts Say This Learn-To-Earn Crypto Might 10X (3)

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: MicroStrategy Loses $53.1 Million In Q1 But Still Buys BTC As Experts Say This Learn-To-Earn Crypto Might 10X (4)

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: MicroStrategy Loses $53.1 Million In Q1 But Still Buys BTC As Experts Say This Learn-To-Earn Crypto Might 10X (2024)
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