Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Luggage Review – Worth It? (2024)

Slowly but surely, Travelpro is becoming a leader in the midrange luggage market. With its selection of high-quality bags that can withstand the toughest adventures, the company offers travelers a chance to invest in pieces that won’t break the bank.

The brand may not be as well-known globally as Samsonite or Delsey, but with a loyal airline crew and customer base, it won’t be long before Travelpro becomes a mainstream name. An example of Travelpro’s ability to balance functionality and affordability is its Bold Softside Rollaboard collection, which we’re reviewing today.

Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Luggage

Travelpro’s Bold Softside Rollaboard collection consists of sturdy, versatile pieces designed to suit the needs of any traveler. Though the bags aren’t the trendiest on the market, they’ve been developed with organization in mind to ensure your travels go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a checked bag for your next family road trip or a trusty carry-on for a weekend city break, the Bold Softside line has something for you.

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Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Luggage Review

For this review, we looked at the carry-on bag in the Rollboard line by Travelpro. It’s a sturdy and durable little bag with space for work supplies, tech, and enough clothing to last a few days, no matter what adventures await.

Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Overall Rating

Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Style and Look

When it comes to appearance, the Bold Softside is not the trendiest luggage range on the market. Travelpro has prioritized function over fashion with this case.

However, its understated design is what makes this case versatile for any occasion. It would be as suited to being rolled into a business meeting as it would heading off on an expedition. For a muted look, choose gray or olive green. For a pop of color, opt for blue or black.

It’s made of dense polyester that resists tears and stains, so keeping it looking pristine isn’t hard. We also noticed that the bag was water-repellent, which is helpful when traveling in the rain.

While it’s far from a necessity, we do wish there were a few touches to make the bag look and feel more luxurious than a simple utilitarian duffel. We could see the current design alienating travelers who would prefer something a little more chic.

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Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Size and Compartments

Measuring 22.5 x 14.5 x 9 inches, the carry-on is slightly larger than most airlines’ maximums. However, with a soft-sided exterior, this duffel-looking case will be easier to squeeze inside a baggage sizer than a hardside suitcase.


It’s not the lightest soft-sided carry-on in the world, weighing in at 7.4 pounds, but it’s not terribly bulky, either. Most airlines don’t have strict weight limits for cabin bags, so it shouldn’t cause a problem, but again, we recommend checking with airlines beforehand, as that can influence your packing.

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Storage is where this bag truly shines. It has 3 exterior compartments to keep items organized and within easy reach. Of these, 2 are on the front of the bag, including a padded compartment for a tablet. The third pocket is on the back of the bag and is tall enough to fit an umbrella or water bottle. We like how this utilizes the space between the stowed telescopic handle.

For interior storage, the main compartment has a top-opening lid, which makes it easy to access even in small spaces. The interior lining was easy for us to wipe clean, but there was quite a lot of it, and it felt loosely attached to the case.

The main compartment has compression straps for clothing and a small, zippered pocket for jewelry, flash drives, or other small items. Additionally, a mesh pocket and a wet pocket are built into the lid to help keep your items separated and organized.

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Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Durability and Materials

Travelpro’s Bold Softside Rollaboard bags are made of dense and strong polyester fabric. During our tests, we didn’t notice the bag snagging easily on any sharp corners or furniture. As well as the durable exterior fabric, the internal structure of the case felt incredibly strong while allowing some flex to absorb impact.

While this material isn’t waterproof, it’s able to repel water from puddle splashes or rain, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes or tech getting wet. While zippers can sometimes be a weak spot for water to get in, that wasn’t the case when we tested the rollaboard.

The water-repellent coating also provides resistance to stains, so with some care, your case can remain in great condition for years to come.

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Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Softside Wheels

Though the wheels on this particular carry-on aren’t the smoothest that we’ve tested, they seem strong enough to handle a variety of surfaces. For example, we’d feel pretty comfortable rolling this bag down an uneven sidewalk.

Wheels are an important element of luggage, being the primary way that you move your case from A to B. The 2 in-line skate wheels didn’t spin as easily as those of some other cases, and you might feel the drag, especially on the larger checked cases when they’re packed to capacity. This is just something to be mindful of.

On the plus side, the wheels are recessed into the case for extra protection. This does lower the profile of the case, which can snag on the ground. There is, however, a bottom guard to protect the fabric at the base.

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Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Handles

Despite being a small bag, the Bold Softside carry-on has 4 separate handles, so you can easily grab it when you’re on the go.

Its telescopic handle is the one we used the most. It has 2 different height settings, so most people should find it comfortable to use. Sometimes, we had to use force to push the button to adjust the setting, but the handle glided smoothly overall. The handle can be zipped away when not in use, so it doesn’t create any unnecessary bulk.

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There are also carrying handles on 3 sides of the bag, so no matter how it’s lying down, you should be able to get a good grip on it. This is particularly helpful in cases where your carry-on gets gate-checked or when you have to pull it off the luggage carousel at the end of a flight.

The top and side handles are made from cushioned neoprene, so they’re comfortable to carry for long durations. The bottom handle is made of plastic and doubles as a stand for setting the bag upright.

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Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Locks and Zips

We didn’t have any trouble with any of the zippers. They all glided smoothly, and we didn’t have to use too much force to get them to shut or open when the bag was packed completely full.

The pulls weren’t too small, either, so they were easy to grip and tug and had fabric extenders that stopped the pulls from jangling around too much.

Unfortunately, the bag’s design does not include an integrated lock, but the zips interlace on the main compartment, allowing you to attach your own luggage lock securely.

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Travelpro Brand Warranty and Customer Service

Travelpro offers a pretty generous warranty for the Bold Softside. The lifetime limited warranty covers manufacturing defects to the wheels, zippers, telescopic handle, and carrying handles.

In addition to this limited lifetime warranty, this luggage range also covers the cost of repairs from damage caused by airlines. This applies to the first year of ownership only, and travelers are required to register their luggage within 120 days of delivery to benefit from this enhanced warranty.

Other Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Luggage

To round out the set, the rollaboard collection also has 3 checked bags. These are available in a 25-inch medium suitcase or 28-inch large suitcase, along with rollaboard and spinner options.

Overall, the line has all the basics you need for travel, but we’d love to see it expanded to include a laptop bag or a smaller carry-on that can fit under the seats of most planes.


21-inch Carry-On (Spinner)23 x 15 x 9 inches7.5 pounds2 inches
22-inch Carry-On (Rollaboard)22.5 x 14.5 x 9 inches7.4 pounds2 inches
Checked Medium (Spinner)29 x 18.5 x 12.5 inches8.9 pounds2 inches
Checked Medium (Rollaboard)25 x 16 x 10 inches8.2 pounds2 inches
Checked Large (Rollaboard)29.5 x 17.5 x 12.5 inches9.1 pounds2 inches

Final Thoughts

Over the past 35 years, Travelpro has managed to produce luggage that balances durability and affordability.

The carry-on in the Bold Softside Rollaboard line is a great example of this. If you’re in the market for a sturdy bag that you can take on business trips or family adventures, this trusty little bag is a great option.

Travelpro Bold Softside Rollaboard Luggage Review – Worth It? (2024)


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What Luggage Has a Lifetime Warranty? Travelpro offers lifetime warranties on all our bags, covering wheels, zippers, extension and carrying handles. Our durable, attractive bags are ideal for frequent travelers who need to know their luggage will stand up to the rigors of transportation.

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Where is Travelpro Group 's headquarters? Travelpro Group is located in Boca Raton, Florida, United States .

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Travelpro® soft-shell bags undergo rigorous fabric testingto produce durable, high-quality luggage. Either hard- or soft-shell suitcases are water resistant if they have the right coating.

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Ease of Transport (25%)9.05.9
Construction Quality (20%)9.06.0
15 more rows
Apr 1, 2024

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