Bridgerland Vet Logan Utah (2024)

1. Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital

  • Dr. Robert Bradford

  • We're a full-service veterinary clinic located in Logan, UT providing pet exams, pet dentistry, and more. Call us at (435) 767-0559 for an appointment!

2. Bridgerland Technical College - Get Your Tech On

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  • BTECH is a “hands-on, competency-based” curriculum, learning occurs by working through modules designed to help you master a technical skill.

3. Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital Info & How To Save - Pawlicy Advisor

4. Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital Near Logan, UT 84321

  • Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital is a veterinary office servicing pet owners in Logan, Utah. Contains appointment information and people reviews.

5. Animal Sciences - Bridgerland Technical College

  • 5-6 months. Location. Logan Campus 1301 West 600 North, Logan, Utah 84321. Other Cost of Attendance Expenses. Living, Miscellaneous personal. $8,136, $2,331 ...

  • Animal Sciences Intro Courses How to Apply Financial Aid Intro Animal Sciences provides students with hands-on training to develop the skills needed to work as support staff in veterinary clinics, shelters, or other animal-based institutions. Skilled and experienced instructors with unique animal sciences backgrounds provide real-world training in relevant topics such as animal restraint, nursing…

6. Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital - Great Pet Care

  • 95 W 900 N, Logan, UT 84321. Phone Icon. (435) 752-2151. Website Icon. Visit website. Services. Is this your vet? Access your pet's records and more.

  • Looking for a veterinarian near you? Find local vet clinics, emergency vets, mobile services, and low-cost options.

7. Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital - Logan, UT - Nextdoor

  • Welcome to Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital. We have been serving as your veterinary facility in Logan and Cache valley since 1949. We look forward to serving ...

  • 4 Faves for Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital from neighbors in Logan, UT. Welcome to Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital. We have been serving as your veterinary facility in Logan and Cache valley since 1949. We look forward to serving you and your family's pets. We are dedicated to providing high quality veterinary service and care. We have maintained an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) for over 30 years. This certification is held by only 15% of veterinary facilities in the nation. You know you can count on us to serve you and your pet with top quality care and service. Call or stop in today!

8. Veterinarian In North Logan, UT 84341 | Mountain View Veterinary ...

  • She is currently working on getting her bachelor's in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science from Utah State, then planning on applying to vet school. This ...

  • We look forward to seeing you soon! Get to know the amazing team at Mountain View Veterinary Health Center and why we love what we do so much.

9. Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital - Yahoo Local

  • 95 W 900 N Logan, UT 84321 1297.56 mi. Is this ... I think the world of this vet clinic. My dog became super ill one Saturday. A lot of vet ... Bridgerland has been ...

  • Welcome to Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital. We have been serving as your veterinary facility in Logan and Cache valley...

10. Staff - Veterinarian in Preston, ID | Animal Medical Clinic

  • She earned a Liberal Arts Degree from the College of Southern Idaho, then earned her pre vet tech certificate from Bridgerland Technology in Logan Utah. She ...

  • Staff in Preston, ID. Animal Medical Clinic is your local Veterinarian in Preston serving all of your needs. Call us today at (208) 852-2204 for an appointment.

Bridgerland Vet Logan Utah (2024)


How do I find the right vet? ›

Where to look for a veterinarian
  1. Ask a friend. Animal-owning friends are generally good sources of information. ...
  2. Breed clubs and special interest groups. ...
  3. Directories and the Internet. ...
  4. Your current veterinarian. ...
  5. Office hours.
  6. Professional staff.
  7. Fees and payment.
  8. Services.

How expensive is a trip to the vet? ›

The average cost of a routine veterinary checkup is $25 to $186, according to the pet financing experts at CareCredit. Emergency vet visit costs can range from $374 to $1,285. Connecticut has the most expensive routine vet costs, with an average bill of $93. The average cost of pet vaccinations ranges from $20 to $60.

Why are vet trips so expensive? ›

When you're looking at your vet bill, bear in mind that veterinary clinics need to earn enough money to cover their labor costs, including benefits like health insurance. They also need to keep the lights on and pay other utility bills. Your vet may have a mortgage or pay rent on his or her facility.

Does my vet judge me? ›

This is as true for the veterinary field as it is for any type of business. We judge clients based on their appearance, mannerisms, words spoken and so on. We may do this consciously or subconsciously, innocently or maliciously, appropriately or inappropriately.

Why is it so hard to find a good vet? ›

The veterinary staffing shortage is an ongoing problem

Compounding the shortage is the fact that many veterinary professionals leave the field because of burnout, compassion fatigue, low pay, poor work-life balance, and mental and physical stressors.

How do you know if you can trust a vet? ›

5 Tips for Finding a Good Vet That You Trust
  • Look at Reviews Online. ...
  • Ask Local Pet Owners You Know What They Think. ...
  • Ask Local Experts Their Thoughts on a Vet. ...
  • Ask the Vet Clinic Some Questions Before Visiting. ...
  • Go for a Visit and See What You Think for Yourself.

What makes a vet Fear Free? ›

Fear Free Certified® veterinary team members will initially avoid eye contact with your pet and focus on you instead. This helps your pet feel less stressed because he's not the center of attention and gives him time to check out his environment and become accustomed to the team member's presence. Got treats?

What are Fear Free veterinary techniques? ›

The Fear Free approach replaces restraint, handling and holds with gentle control that positions pets for care. With gentle control, you use your hands to support and stabilize the animal, providing gentle guidance and reassurance during care to decrease the animal's need to struggle or pull away.

What is the Fear Free concept in veterinary medicine? ›

781-902-8400. MSPCA-Angell West, Waltham. Fear Free is the concept of practicing veterinary medicine that involves the reduction of feelings of stress in our patients which in return will result in a better experience for all involved — including pets, owners, and the veterinary team.

What are some examples of Fear Free techniques that are used within a veterinary clinic? ›

  • Minimizing restraint with special handling techniques that are gentle and accommodate your pet's comfort level.
  • Safe, effective medication designed to help your pet relax.
  • Dog and cat pheromones to increase feelings of security and familiarity.

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